Cleaning frenzy

I have been on the cleaning frenzy.....I figure if I have to exert the energy to clean, I might as well go all the way. I'm really not a messy person, in my friends a relishing in the fact that since I have been home from China I have had dishes in my sink for 2 days more then once, and that my car looks like Oscar the grouch's second garbage can.

This cleaning frenzy is all sparked by the fact my Mother-in-law is coming tomorrow. Today the carpets were cleaned (they needed it), but that means now I have to put everything back. The house is 80 degrees so the carpets dry, and the kids are dragging out all the toys upstairs. I'm not sure why I care if my house looks like something out of a Martha magazine, It will be trashed in 20 minutes anyway. First impressions? It's been 15 years (too late for that, I blew that 15 years ago).....Pride of ownership?, No, O.C.D...... I really need to let it go sometimes.

Back to work Cinderella.....