Are you going to adopt again?

I get asked this question at the least 3 times in a day. Of course it gets you thinking, would we?
As of right now....I would in a heart beat. Brandon on the other hand....I would have to do some serious selling. But really....It does make us think would we did it again? Do we want more kids? Could there be another child out there that fits our family like Lila has so far?

We have talked about what we would do different next time, how we could save on some of the costs, but that doesn't mean that we are. We talk about how much we enjoyed China, the food, the people, the beauty. We talk about how precious each child that we met is and how many more precious children out there need homes and families just like us. Do we have room in our home? In our budget? In our daily lives? Are we complete? These are questions that we are still asking ourselves and each other. We have ony been home 2 weeks, a clear cut answer is too soon. It's like asking someone who just had a baby 2 weeks ago if she is going to have another one......MAYBE??? Only time will tell. Just like with Lila we will just know in our hearts. I felt at peace when I knew she was going to be our daughter. It just felt right.

I still look at the waiting child list. Unfortunately I want to bring them all home. But, maybe I could help others to see the beauty in a waiting child, just like we did. So if you are so inclined, take a look at our agency website under waiting children, you never know where your heart could take you. http://www.holtintl.org

So to sum up my blabbing......I guess you'll just have to keep following our blog to see what we do next. It's always exciting around here. Never a dull moment. Just the way I like it!!!