When is this jet lag going to be over? Oh my, This sucks bad. We are all still on China time. We all wake up at weird hours of the night, want to sleep during the day, and to top it off Brandon, Lila and I are all sick. I knew the coming home part was going to be worse, but dude.......I just want some sleep. I think that I get about 4 hours a night, maybe. Same with Brandon and he had to go back to work today. The poor guy feel and looks like he has been on a weekend bender. I'm not looking too hot either. I'm really hoping by the end of the week we will have it pretty well licked. (I'll cross my fingers)

The jet lag hasn't helped my social skills at all. I know that everyone is excited to come visit and see her and I love to have everyone visit, but I think that I must be the worst hostess, I sit like a total zombie staring into space totally sleep deprived. Sort of like when visitors would come when Braydon was born.

Lila seems to be adjusting well. Other then the sleep schedule, and car sickness, she is warming up to people good, as long as she is meeting them at our house. She gets shy and clings on when we are outside of home. It's totally understandable and I'm sure that she will feel like that for a long time Heck, that's how she came to us from her foster mom. She does have a bit of anxiety towards men. She doesn't want to say hi, but women she has no problem.

Braydon is doing good. He goes back to school tomorrow. They are celebrating Chinese New Year in his class room tomorrow also. It should be fun. I'm sure that he will tell everyone EVERYTHING. It's pretty cool that they were learning Chinese in his class and that he actually went.