What a day!!!!

We started off our day with a Meeting at the Holt office. We went to the basement of a office building, into a small room with a giant heater. In about 10 minutes we were all so hot that we all thought that we were going to pass out. We wanted to hear everything that they were telling us, because they were giving us updated information on our girl with photos. I think Brandon and I would have endured the during fire of hell just to get the folder out of the guys hand. Finally he handed us a beautiful red silk covered folder with Lila's pictures in them. Brandon and i were just amazed. She hasn't changed a whole lot since our last update over 6 months ago. But the information part was wonderful. The foster mother filled out a questionnaire about her.
8am: Cow base formula, noodles, or congee
12am: rice, meat, veggie, and soup
3pm: fruits and some snacks
6:30pm: rice, meat, veggie, and soup
She sleeps: Naptime 1pm to 3:30pm Bedtime: 9pm to 8am
She uses the toilet herself, she eats with a bowl and spoon by an adult
Her foster mother writes:
She prefers sweet food. Such as candies and crackers. She eats different fruit. She likes and new toy, especially fairy toys. She is happy when she is taken outside to play. She loves little birds, cats, and doggy. She loves sharing her food with other children. She helps to do some simple household chores. She loves to be dressed colorful. She is a good mimic action of adults. She cam express her self very well. Her foster mother says that she is very clever, cute, and pretty girl. (like we didn't know that part)

I just cannot put into word the excitement that we are all feeling. It was hard to concentrate while at the Forbidden City and T square. I will post a few pictures and call it a night. I packed up for a VERY early departure in the morning 5am. But this will be one time so far in my life that I'm more then happy to get up. (well, maybe the morning we had to get up to take a limo to the airport to go on a 10 day cruise)
i don't know the internet situation in Nanning but , I will be sure to post as soon as I can.


I cannot tel if the pictures that I posted worked. I will try later