We have her!!!!

Oh my gosh......Where to start? Have to be sort of quick. Right now everyone is sleeping but me. (suprise)
Well....We got up this morning at 4am to leave Beijing. Our flight switched gates twice, we had to ride a bus out onto the tarmac to get on the plane. We took off 25 min late. I was so mad!! out of all the flight to be late on, the one to get me to my daughter. I was PISSED! to say it nicely.
Finally we land in Nanning. Poor Brandon got stuck in some seats with a coughing chinese guy that was also pissed that the flight was late, he was yelling at the flight attendent, when she wouldn't listen he yelled at everyone else. The flight was hot and long. Of course we wanted to just get there.
Anyway....Nanning is very lush green and beautiful. You still see the poverty everywhere, but they do keep it A LOT cleaner then Beijing.

Okay....I'll fast forward to the good stuff.
We get to the hotel about 1pm, our Holt rep says meet in the lobby we leave to get the babies at 3pm. 2hours to wait, I thought I was going to pass out. Finally we board the bus to the Civil Affairs office. The babies are already there. We go to this room where one family is waiting for a baby, the baby shows up FREAKING out, so they move us to this big room. As we are standing there we see this little girl totally strut by with adittude, with pink bows in her hair. I about loose my mind IT"S HER. I'm motioning to Brandon to get the camera ready. She walks by again, this time looking right at us. We peek our heads out the door and she waves to us. So, I blow her kisses and she does it back to me. She starts to come over to where we are but the orphanage director says not yet. This is where all hell breaks loose.....The foster mom is the one to bring her in to the room. She sets her down on the floor and she heads right too me, right when she gets to me the foster mom says this is mama. Lila looses her mind. SCREAMING at the top of her lungs. The foster mom is crying, I'm crying, Brandon is still taping all this. Finally they say lets head to the bus. We were out of there. Lila is screaming the whole way back to the hotel. 15 min drive

Come to find out, our Holt rep used to be one of the caregivers to Lila, so she wants to go to the guide now. She's pushing me away hitting me, and arching her back. You know that fire we said she has in her eyes? well, it's a inferno. That girl is so bull headed.
We get to the room and she screams on and off for 5 hours. We get Braydon put to bed, poor guy. So Brandon and I are sitting with her in the sitting area of our room, she is being quite the pill. Hitting, screaming and running to the door wanting to leave. I just go get her each time an bring her back over to the couch and rock her a bit and she calms down. THANK GOD!!!

Brandon goes in to the bedroom to get me some asprin,and I open up a banana for her, I take one half and give her the other. I take a bite, she takes a bite and turns to me with the biggest smile. Brandon comes back into the room and she gives him a smile. Mind you this whole time she would have NOTHING to do with him at all. We look at each other very confused. And she turns to him and says Baba and puts the banana to his face. We both of course get all teary.
For the next 45 min we are all feeding each other and she's happy. She puts Cheerios into our mouths and says Thank you.

We think that the foster mom must have known that her name was going to be Lila because during this happy feeding time she told us Lila pretty, mama pretty. In english
There is so much more to tell but, I have to get some sleep, some how. She wants to sleep on top of me, and it's hot here. UGH!!

So far things are smooth, but tomorrow is a whole new day. I will try to post pictures on my next post.

Love you all and thank you for the comments. I cannot see the blog but I get them on email.