Today, which I think is Sunday here. I have lost total track of even what day it is anymore. It was pretty uneventful. The weather is freezing cold. We hare having to breakout the clothes that we wore in Beijing. Hopefully tomorrow it will be warmer.
Our outing today was to the jade and pearl factory. It wasn't a factory and we did not get a lesson in either. It was nothing but shopping. I'm not a big fan of pearls, so I sort of just looked. The others that we were with dug right in though. We told ourselves that we were not going to buy things just because it was a "good value" unless we really wanted it. The jade shopping was cool, we got some gifts, Brandon got to barter a bit. Pretty uneventful.
Tomorrow is our famous red couch photo and medical exam for Lila's exit visa. We are hoping that the doctor at the consulate will look at Lila's ears to tell us if she has a infection. I know she does, but it would be nice to get something for it before we leave. I worry about the plane ride home.
She was much better today. She did let me put her down a few times today. She still is very sad. Right now she is laying on the bed crying quietly under the covers. I'm so sad for her. If she just knew that we will love her too.
I had no pictures for today.
Thanks for the comments to the blog, you all are making me homesick.