Time flies when your having fun

This week seems to have slipped right by. Wow! Were does the time go? One minute your bitch'n about not getting to go to China and the next minute I'm freaking out that we are leaving a day early. I guess it goes to show Be careful what you wish for.

I think that we have everything ready. Thursday I go to see the doctor to get me some meds for my little claustrophobic issue. I have this feeling that if I didn't have some meds to make me happy- go- nite- nite, I may go a little crazy on the 15 hour plane ride. Who knows maybe I will not need them, but then again it will be nice to know that they are there in case I have to slip one into Brandon's drinks so I don't have to watch Rocky 1,2, and 3.

We confirmed or flights today. We will be leaving on Wednesday the 11th. And returning late on the 25th. We are hoping that we make our plane on the 25th. It's gonna be pushing it, but if we can make it, that would put us home a day early. If not the next flight wouldn't be until the 27th. Hope we make it. Knowing Brandon we will. It will be Lila's first experience with daddy in his "LET'S GO" mode. She may decide then that she would rather stay in China. (Just kidding honey)

Braydon is really getting excited. He's doing the count down to how many days he has to go to school before we go. I think that he's ready to go, so that we can stop talking about this little girl who seems to never be here.

Well.....For the most part things are moving along pretty quickly and before yah know it I will be posting from Beautiful, yet cold Beijing.