This is it people.

This is it,We are outta here. I'm taking Braydon to school for a bit today. After that we are getting some lunch, picking up Brett & Carrie (they are taking us to the airport), picking up Brandon, and heading to the airport!!!!
I'm still pretty calm about leaving. I think it's my way of preparing for the LOOOOONG flight. I'm mentally preparing like I have to when we drive 8 hours to see my Grandpa. Oh, that drive sucks. So I think if I just take my happy pill and go to sleep all will be good.

I'm feeling kind of bad, The New England Patriots are playing in a HUGE game against Denver on Saturday, We will be in Beijing, hopefully the hotel has some sort of sports station. Brandon is going to go nuts! He is a total fanatic Patriots fan (even back when they sucked) Also, we gotta know if the Seahawks make it to the second round of the play- offs.

It's going to be weird being out of touch with this half of the world.
Anyway, this will be my last post until we are in Beijing. To all of you that I love, I LOVE YOU, and everyone else, keep reading along, it's gonna be cool.