Quick notes

I just wanted to post real quick while we have a few minutes before we get the day started.
In 24 hours we will be boarding a plane to finally get our girl. I do have to say that all of the experienced "been there done that" parents are totally right when they say the the wait is a distant memory when you get here. TRUST me really. Don't get me wrong I still feel the pains of our overly long wait. Being here and knowing shortly it is really going to happen.

The one thing I'm glad we did is get here early. Getting acclimated to the time difference is a little tough (not bad) It has made us more well rested for the day we get our girl. Also it has given us a chance to experience Beijing. What a wonderful place. I think every 10 seconds or so I think, Oh, Carrie would love that , or Brett would be just in heaven if he could eat this. Everytime we experience something I think of all of our friends at home and wish that they could see this.

We were so tried last night, I just wanted to get back to the hotel. I kept thinking we should have just stayed back at the hotel for some rest, Now this morning with a clear head I'm so glad we pushed on to experience just a little bit more of this fabulous culture.

Okay, my turn for the shower so I will try to post again tonight, while all of you sleep.
Please excuse my grammar too, I have to be quick and not proof read too much because the internet service is a little touchy.

More pictures of the Wall, the acrobat show, and some transportation.