My last post from China

This is going to be my last post from China. We are going to have Breakfast in the morning, do some more shopping, give Lila a nap, and pack. At 2:45 we leave to the consulate for our oath taking ceremony and after that we will be homeward bound. Our flight is 12 hours and 50 min. Into LA. Our layover is 2 hours, then 2 1/2 hours to Seattle. I'm sure that it will be nice to be home, but I'm sort of sad to leave China. I really like it here. There are some things that I'm not to fond of, but I feel like that about America.
Lila is slowly coming out of her shell. Today she was just full of it, dancing around the room and bugging her brother as he played his game boy. Teletubbies came on and she lost her mind jumping all round the room screaming for the Tubbies. Apparently she knows who they are and loves them. It was all in Chinese, but the same show as in the states. Wait until she sees Tubbies on our 65 inch TV.
We went to a Thai dinner tonight. Oh My it was so good. I could eat that everyday. Actually I have really lost my taste for western food. A few days ago I really wanted Mexican food, but I have no interest now. I'm sure I will when I get home. I'm sure I will gain the 11 pounds that I lost too.
I have nothing profound to tell other then it was a experience of a lifetime. When I get home I will post more about the adoption and what was helpful to me adopting a toddler. Thank you everyone for the comments to the blog and following along. Love, Brandon, Linda, Braydon, and now,Wan Wan (Lila)