It's been so long since I posted, I forgot where I left off. Plus, I have no clue on what day things happened.
We are glad to have left Nanning. I felt like it was 2 days too long. There is not much to see and not many tourist spots. We did go to the "Peoples Park" It is a park right in the heart of Nanning, but very peaceful. We saw the elders doing Tai Chi, Playing instruments, singing, and there was a amusement park for the kids, but the rides did not look to safe. Not that the rides back home look all that safe, but the hospitals if you need one at home are better (lots,lots better) We fed some koi that were, no kidding hundreds of them 2 to 3 feet long. I thought that they were going to eat us.
After that we went to a street market, I think that we were the side show. It is winter here and everyone has about 10 layers of clothes on, except us. We had shorts and short sleeve shirts on. I think the women thought that we were trying to kill our kids by freezing them to death.
We saw lots of traditional Chinese New Year decorations and lots of fresh veggies that we don't normally see at home. It was interesting, but the kids were tired and each vendor pretty have the same things.
The next day we took a bus to a village outside of Nanning. That was a culture shock. We again were the side show, wearing shorts. We watched as the women washed clothes by hand in a hot spring (Thank God for Maytag) One of the villagers let us tour their house. I will post pictures of that. The have very little personal belongings. Makes you feel so geode when you look around at all of the material possessions we feel we need to . Several little boys followed us around the village practicing English that they have learned in school.
Our last day in Nanning we went to a street market just down the road from the hotel. OH MY GOD!!! There were things there that I did not know people ate. The smells that came from some of the vendors were enough to make you ill. It all of the sudden got really crowded and people started pushing, we felt a bit closrafobic, we cut that trip short.
Everyone is doing okay. Brandon had a cold most of the time that we have been here, he says that he feels better today. Braydon is dying to buy some jade and won't quit asking when he can get some. Lila is grieving really hard today. She waved bye bye to Nanning from the airplane and has not been the same since. She has been crying most of the day and will not let me put her down. Thank the Chinese people for inventing the Mei tai carrier. Have have used it almost everyday. It would be the only way that I would be able to pack her. She will not let Brandon even hold her at this point. As for me, I'm tired and sleep deprived, but hats okay because I have managed to lose 11 pounds.
We went to lunch at a place called lucy's for lunch. It has American food, Yippie. All of the staff wears jean shirts,and fleece jackets, Very Eddie Bauer. It was good, Brandon was so excited to see Coors light, I had a Corona. Of course made me then wish that I could go to Ixtapa's.
We are going to a Jade and pearl factory tomorrow. CHA CHING!! Brandon and Brad are going to go see about getting some suits made. This is the best place for shopping. I'm so looking forward to it. I'm having retail therapy withdrawal.