I do finally know what day it is

This is the waterfall in the hotel lobby.
I have been so screwed up the whole time we have been here on what day it is, or even what time it is at home. Anyway.....Today is Monday here. We had our medical appointment today, Yuck! The place was crawling with sick people. It was total chose. One of the things that has bothered me here is people push and shove to get around, no one says excuse me or even moves out of your way when you need to get by. Today at he clinic a man was right in my way and refused to move, so I had to basically push him over. He still wouldn't budge, So I sorta-kinda stepped on his foot and shoved him. He moved then, barely. No one has too many manners, lots of men here spit and blow snot rockets right on the street. I know it happens at home, but not like here. Lots of spitting. Of course Braydon thought that was cool, and thought he'd give it a try, WRONG!!!
The exam was quick. One of the doctors said that Lila's ears looked fine, but thought that it was her teeth that are giving her trouble. Poor girl has 4 rotten molars. The foster mom fed her nothing but candy, other the being sad, having a tooth ache, she is also detoxing off of all the sugar. The foster mom gave us a grocery bag 3/4 full of candy. No wonder her teeth are rotten. Her front ones are great, Thank God.
She is having her nap right now. We are hoping to get at least a 2 hour nap in before dinner. She needs to make it later then 7:00. We are going as a group to a Dim Sum. YUMMY. Every night she almost falls a sleep at dinner because she doesn't get a long nap in.

One other thing that has been a challenge is her clothes. All of the 2T stuff that I brought is all too big. I have to turn the waist to fit her, and they still fall down. We went today to get her a pair of pants and shirt so we don't have to do laundry again, She fits into a 18 to 24 months. I guess her clothes will last longe then I thought.

Tomorrow is Braydons day. We are going to a big electronics place that sells video games for 5 bucks. All three boys are amped about that.
Braydon has been so good. He was having a little trouble yesterday because I had to yell at him for running off, so he took it as I don't like him anymore (it made me sad) But he is a lot better today and has been so helpful with caring for his sister. We knew he would be a good big brother. She just LOVES him and thinks he is so funny. He was crawling on the floor and she was riding his back, I think she would have done it for hours if he would have let her.

We did our famous "RED COUCH" photo today. All the girs smile so cute. Lila is a total ham and loves the camera.
Only a few more days and we will be heading home!!!! I think we are ready. I'm getting sick of trying to decide where to go get a meal. I know that sounds snotty, but I though that deciding what to cook for dinner was bad this is worse.
See you all soon.