holy cow what a day.

The day started out fairly well. We had to be in the lobby at 9am to go to the Civil affairs office to fianlize everything. This is where they ask us why we want to adopt this little girl, what our jobs are, and make us promise that we will never abuse or abandon her. DUH!!
Before we left Lila was doing great and all of the sudden she was pulling on her ear and green boogies were coming out. She looked so tired and just not well. We put her in the mai tia carrier and she fell right asleep for almost the entire bus ride and appointment.
When we got back we went to a department store across the street. Very strange. You pick out your item, the sales lady writes you a slip, you go pay, come back with the slip to show that you paid, and you get the item. You have to do this in each department. weird I thought.
after that little excersion everyone was a bit tired and hungry, we agreed with the other family that we would meet up later to go to the park. In the mean time Lila is still not well, so I ask our guide about getting some antibaotics for her beacuse of her ear. She calls the orphanage director to tell him. He says she will be fine in a couple of days. Whatever.... Fast forward about two hours, We meet up in the lobby to go to the park, as we walk outside Lila starts FREAKING OUT BIG TIME, screaming for her auntie (foster mom), I cannot figure out what the hell is wrong. It was bad. As we start walking these two ladies come up to us and ask if this is Ning Fu Wan, her foster mom was in the bushes and wanted to give us some items. At this point Lila is wigging out bad. I have no idea what to think. The family that we are with takes Braydon to the park, Brandon goes to see what the Foster mom wants, She gave him some pictures, candies, and stuff for her ears. He comes back to where I am, and I see her ditch in the bushes, at this point Lila is still freaking so we might as well let her see her. I walk down there and call her out of the bushes, when she comes out she says something to Lila and runs down the street. Brandon and I take her back to the room for about 30 min while she cries it out. She kept wanting to look out the window (we are on the 9th floor) she would just stare and cry. Man that girl has some lungs, Our guide comes in to talk to us to tell us that eveything is okay and she will be fine in the morning.
Not knowing what to do next we take her outside to find the park. When we meet up with the others outside of the hotel, she sees Braydon and turned a 180. She started smiling, running around the lobby. WHAT???? There is just too much to tell right now I have not the energy to type, but all I can say is that I got my first kiss after dinner, and she has been a whole new girl.
Braydon and Lila are laying on the bed watching Big Bird in China, she is laughing.

I 'm just hoping that it was a huge turing point for her. I worry about her more then anything. I know that in time things will come together, I just can't help but feel sad for her. It must be so confusing.

sorry that I cannot post pictures hopefully in Guangzhou.


I will try post more tomorrow.