Great Wall & Acrobats

I'm not sure how much detail I'm going to be able to give, but this day was loooong and AMAZING. We are so tired. Braydon fell asleep in my lap at our Peking duck dinner. Considering when we were having dinner here, it was 3am at home. We are all just pooped.

We met in the lobby today at 9am, went to the Great Wall for 2 hours. It was amazing. Words just cannot describe it. I will get into more detail tomorrow night, I'm so tired to night that I cannot type.
After the Wall we went to a consume factory for lunch and a tour. VERY COOL!! Of course Brandon bartered for a vase.
Then back to the hotel for a 45 min break and then off to the acrobat show, and peking duck dinner.
I have to say that the lunch at the consume factory was so much better then the peking duck.
We are have a great time. The family that we have been with today is great. They have 2 boys ( 12,14) they are nice boys and Brad and Lizza are easy going and fun. She has really given me some great info on adopting a older child. This is there 3 time.

tomorrow we will meet in the lobby at 9am to go to out Holt orientation, then off to Tinniemen square and the forbidden city. Beijing is so beautiful, I love the culture and the people very interesting.
Brandon is a total rock star and everyone smiles and points at Braydon.
Out Guide Ashley is a absolute doll.
Sorry if I'm rambling on in short sentences. I just wanna say so much but my fingers wanna go to bed.
I promise that I will get into more detail tomorrow.
We are sort of missing home,. I think Braydon is missing American food. We drove by a Outback Steakhouse and I thought that he was gonna jump out of the van. I never thought that he would be sick of the food. Go figure.

Hugs and kisses to all!!!