Requesting an update

It has been six months since we had a update on Lila(height, weight, over all health status, and pictures), So I contacted Holt to try and request a update. Who knows if we will get one. I guess it is worth a try. I was half kidding around with Brandon, saying that we will pobablly get the update request in less then 24 hours, where the travel approval is taking forever. I guess it is better then nothing huh? Or is this one of those things where you think you want to know and when you do get the info, you may have been better off staying in the dark?

One of the things that Holt mentioned on the phone was that there are several families waiting a long time like we are. We are not the "lone soldiers" in this. I'm not sure if that was comforting or not. I know that she was trying. I don't think that there is too much that is comforting these days.

One thing that has been good is that I have had a great birthday week. It sort of started Friday when I happy birthday-ed myself a great pair of suede boots, and a great pair of jeans.
Sunday Brandon & Braydon took me to dinner, Monday Jen took me to Nordstrom for a make over at the MAC counter. (totally fun, thanks Jen you rock) and to lunch and to top it off a little R.T (retail therapy) Tuesday, I got lots of e-mails, and phone calls (actual bday) Carrie & Katie took me to Chinese food for lunch and gave me some yummy bubble bath/body gel, and super soft socks. (I love products!!, you might say that I'm one of those product whores) Brandon gave me roses for my birthday (and the boots), because he forgot to say happy birthday(all day), it was 2:30 before he called, and still then I don't think he remembered. Oh well, I forgive you honey. Then...Today I got my hair done. Not a bad birthday week, I'm lucky to have great friends and a great hubby who spoil me, Thanks guys I LOVE YOU!!.