Post Christmas post

What can I say about Christmas other then, IT"S OVER!!! I don't think a person realizes how much all the festivities can drain you. I wanted to go to bed last night at 6:30.

Not that it was bad or anything, I'm just glad that Christmas is over. Now We can move on to other energy draining activities like travel approvals.

Today is day 116. You know what the means only 4 more days until the 120 mark and Holt will officially call on our file to" find out the deal".
Goodness, I just never thought that it would go this long. The 2 families that we were right in timeframe with, have went to China and back home 2 weeks. We haven't even got the call. THIS SUCKS!!

Okay, no more whining I'm going to try and post some Christmas pictures.

The pictures are of Brandon on his new bike, He said that he thinks that the last time he got a bike for Christmas he was 9. The tank is what Santa left for Braydon this year. Pretty cool gift Santa. And the picture of our VERY dry tree. notice no pictures of me, That's one of the perks of being the only one who knows how to operate it. (insert evil laugh here)