Place your bets here.

PLACE YOUR BETS HERE.......Anyone gonna place bets on us getting our approval this week? It's hard not to think about.
I was doing pretty good until I got that email from Holt. Don't get me wrong it was great that they "threw us a little bone" But, I can't help but think that I would be a little more productive this week if I was still in the mind set of it not coming until Jan. I know I sound like such a whiner. First, I want to know. Then when I do know I whine.....Sorry it's that roller coaster ride that I have been on for the past 6 months. It has finally made me more loopy.
For those of you that are still counting we are on day 109. I think that we are they only family in the history Chinese adoption to go this long.(not really, only more whining) I have followed a lot of adoption stories, and to tell you the truth I really have not seen anyone that has had to wait as long as we have for TA. I realize that we are special needs and all but really, you would think that they could speed it up a bit. Okay enough of the whining.
I'm going to go spend the day with my son doing what I love to do, SHOP!! We are going to go pick out a Christmas gift for Brandon. Plus, Braydon has a couple of gift cards that are burning a hole in his pocket. 30 bucks!! Anyone needs me I will be in the toy section at Target following around a 8 year old boy trying to spend 30 bucks. I know to stop at the bathroom, get a drink, and pretzel first, it's gonna be a long wait.