Out of the mouths of babes

This was too funny not to tell.
Wednesday Braydon and I took my car up to Brandon's work for some repairs. Since I was going up there I thought that I should make the trip more worth while by going to the health department to get our travel shots.
Well....We get in there and the lady who is going to give us shots starts asking us questions. "Where are you traveling to?, When are you going? How many of you are traveling?" So I give her the answers she needs. She asks if my husband is going to get his shots too. I say to her that he is working an will have to make time next week to run in to get his shots. She proceeds to ask me if he works close, I tell her "Oh yeah, he is the G. Manager at the Cadillac dealership in town". (by the way sorta small town only one Caddy dealer)
A little bit more conversation about shots. And then she stars asking Braydon questions about being a big brother. He tells her he is excited to go to China to get Lila, can't wait to eat Chinese food, wants a ninja sword to bring home and the best of all "My dad is a chicken to get shots and he will cry like a baby". She says, "Oh we have a lot of that".She is trying to be nice because she is not sure if he is scared to get the shots at this point. So he tells her, "Yeah, he cries like a baby girl when we wrestle and I fart on his head too.
I thought she was going to choke. I know I was. He said it so matter of factually too.
So... Now all I can think of is Brandon going in there to get his shots and the lady thinking the whole time. This guy is chicken to get shots and cries when he gets farted on. Do yah think she will be buying a Cadillac any time soon?
sorry if this entry is a little goofy. I was doing it at 1:30am. (Braydon was having bad dreams, we were up alot)