Have I mentioned I hate to wait?

The waiting is really getting to me. I have been so emotional. I think I remember being like this when I was pregnt too. Who says it's not the same? You go through the same emotional roller coaster. As of now the call could come any time. Kind of like when you could go into labor at any time. I'm guessing that the call will come sometime in Nov. And we will travel in Dec. Don't get me wrong I really wanna go now.

I forgot to post that Braydon received another Hawk Award. (something that the school does for excellent behavior and academics) This will be his 3rd one. He is so awesome. What a good boy.
I said that I would post Baby shower pictures. YUCK they all really sucked so I had to pick the best ones. I also took pictures of all of the goodies that we got. THANKS EVERYONE!!!