Finally October

What a busy weekend!! We stared off Saturday going to football in the rain. The high school kids were not there this week to coach, so the dads go to do it. They were all "living the dream" Braydons team played the UCLA Bruins this week. We won 27/14. Braydon had a great over the head catch and sacked the QB twice in two plays.
Brandon and I went with some friends to the hockey game Saturday night. (Braydon spent the night with Gma B) We had Suite tickets. Wow they were nice. We had a good time. The smartest thing I think we did was to take a taxi to the game and back. It was nice to have no worries. Other then praying to not have a hang over for my own shower the next day. Still again, no worries I was good.
The Shower was SO nice. Carrie went to so much work to spoil me. All the food and decorations were awesome!!!I will have to write in Lila's scrapbook about all the work, love and detail her auntie went to. Well I guess that's why she's Lila Caroline. I got really nice gifts and it was good to see everyone. I don't think that I had seen anyone since Chelan in July. Well enough rambling on I had better post this and go to bed. I'll post pictures tomorrow. OXOXO